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Holy Land Tours

Holy Land Tours

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A visit to Caesarea during your Christian tour to Israel is programmed in your tour itinerary. A tour through this ancient port city, and Caesarea’s antiquities park is like walking through a story that spans history between the Old and New Testament.

Before traveling to Israel on your Holy Land Tour it’s important to know local weather. Israel is privileged with long, warm and dry summers during the months of April to October, and in general mild winters from November to March, with little to nor rainfall, and cooler weather specially in the hill regions such as Jerusalem and Safed.

Israel welcomes you, all visitors must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date they are departing the country. In case of US, Canadian, Australian, British citizens a valid passport from respective country is all that is needed that will be valid six months from the date of departure.

The Mount of Olives holds a special place in the heart of Christians and a must visit when on a tour to the Holy Land, located just east of Jerusalem’s Old City and separating it from the Judean Desert.

A holy land travel trip to Israel is not complete unless you visit Jerusalem, known as the city chosen by God, and by the Israeli’s as the Golden City. Enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the city from the Mount of Olives, where the Lord ascended into heaven. Walk the stations of the Cross on the Via Dolorosa, Visit the Holy Sepulchre, learn about the Israeli government in the Knesset, and experience the Memorial to the Holocaust.

Today Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel, is famous for beaches, five star resorts, and the preferred beach destination and holiday paradise town of Israeli’s and many European’s in and around Europe. Eilat lives by the rhythm of the sun, in the desert, the sea and the nature around the Red Sea, and is also recommended for a tour extension for time of leisure when traveling on a holy land tour.