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Holy Land Tours

Holy Land Tours

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Mount Zion, also written as Sion, in the Old Testament became a symbol and metaphor for the Promise Land, the Land of Israel. In the New Testament Mount Zion metaphorically is referred as the heavenly Jerusalem, God's eternal holy city.

A fascinating walking route in Jerusalem which begins atop of Mount of Olives and takes pilgrims in the footsteps of Jesus as He entered the city for what was to be the last time. It begins near the summit, where a small building is open to the pilgrims. It’s under the Muslim authority, however for centuries it was a Christian chapel built by the Crusaders.

Petra located 170 miles from Amman Jordan, is a UNESCO World Heritage sites and considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, is without question Jordan's most valuable tourist attraction and treasure. An amazing city, carved into the sheer rock by the Nabataeans, an Arab civilization who settled in Petra more then 2000 years ago, making it an important trade route that linked Asia in to the Middle East, and on to Greece and Rome.

A holy land pilgrimage is a spiritual journey, and remembrance of the Scriptures, the following article will guide you through the holy land sites you'll witness during a Christian trip to Israel, and their correlation to the Scriptures and the life to Jesus and His Apostils.

Staying in Israel, an ideal pilgrimage tour to Israel can be followed in one week (6/7 nights), although pilgrimages do range from 5 to 15 nights, or even longer, some may include an excursion or a few days in Jordan. The itinerary should be planned around touring priorities, budget limitations considering hotel categories and, needless to say, the religious traditions and beliefs stay and a more relaxed pace. You’ll find Christian tours, Jewish tours, and general tours to Israel to select from.

There are two important traditions related to Bethphage, a village at the time of Jesus on the eastern slope of Mount of Olives. This is the holy place where Jesus sent two of his disciples to fetch a colt and an ass that he would use for his entry into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-10) , “saying unto them, Go into the village over against you, and straightway ye shall find an ass tied, and a colt with her: loose them, and bring them unto me” (Matthew 21:2). Bethphage is also the site where Jesus met Martha, and after her sister Mary (John 11:17-34) upon his return from exile from Jordan to resurrect Lazarus.