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Holy Land Destinations
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Petra located 170 miles from Amman Jordan, is a UNESCO World Heritage sites and considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, is without question Jordan's most valuable tourist attraction and treasure. An amazing city, carved into the sheer rock by the Nabataeans, an Arab civilization who settled in Petra more then 2000 years ago, making it an important trade route that linked Asia in to the Middle East, and on to Greece and Rome.

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Mt. Sinai, also known as Mt. Horeb and Jebel Musa, translated as “the 'Mountain of Moses,” is the epicenter of a venerated holy land destination that includes the Burning Bush (Exodus 3), Elijah’s Plateau, the Plain of ar-Raaha, and the impressive Monastery of St. Chathrine at the base of Mt. Sinai.

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Bethany is situated on the main road in the out-skirts of Jerusalem, which in the days of Jesus was a thriving city. According to Christian teachings, this is the same village mentioned in the New Testament as the site where Jesus stayed during his visits to Jerusalem. Some residents of Bethany even became Jesus followers, and the poor residents of the village is said happy received Jesus.