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Holy Land Destinations
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The medieval fortress, and an ancient citadel is located near the Jaffa Gate known as the "Tower of David," a national treasure of great historical and archaeological significance to Israel, and a historical entrance to the Old City, a symbol of Israeli patriotism for generations, and a wonderful “thing to do” on your Israel tour.

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For those traveling to Israel whom want to visit Bethlehem, you’ll need to carry your passport, however crossing from Bethlehem from Jerusalem, and back is not a difficult matter, especially since the terminal between the two cities has been upgraded by establishing convenient lanes for tourists moving between them.

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Mount Zion, also written as Sion, in the Old Testament became a symbol and metaphor for the Promise Land, the Land of Israel. In the New Testament Mount Zion metaphorically is referred as the heavenly Jerusalem, God's eternal holy city.